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PhD Recovery

Ten rules for after-dissertation recovery

1 Nourish your aching body. Feed it everything BUT caffeine and chocolate.
2 Sleeping more than five hours is NOT a crime.
3 Let your eyes roam freely over the marvels of the world outside your computer screen.
4 If someone asks you for the time, a simple look to your watch is sufficient to establish an objective truth. It is not necessary to look at three or four different clocks and to call a friend to "triangulate" an "objective" time. And stop that murmuring about critical realism and that truth is just what we perceive to be true.
5 Likewise, you do NOT need to review current literature to perform tasks you could do just fine before writing your dissertation. Except, maybe, for when you assemble IKEA furniture. In that case, read widely.
6 (Not that an EBS student would ever HAVE to assemble IKEA furniture.)
7 Yes, having sex is something between action research and feelings research. But, however much you might know about the advantages and drawbacks of these kinds of research, take a pragmatic ontological stance and do NOT stop in the middle of it just to enlighten your partner.
8 Your grandmother, when she offers you what she calls "your favourite christmas cookies", will not appreciate replies like "this is, however, not what the evidence suggests". She will most likely hit you over the head with a frying pan.
9 The "dissertation presentation" is an urban legend. Do NOT call your friends at ten in the morning "just to check", if these friends went to bed at eight - a.m., of course.
10 For all future, divorce surnames and years in brackets. Welcome back to the real world.

In conclusion: The dissertation helps us solve a hell of a lot of problems, none of which we would have in the first place without the dissertation!