Welcome to Hekkas.Com

Heavy Reconstruction 21.01.2017
Hekkas gets a new structure. Since changing the design is too much work, rearrangements of old stuff is the way to go...

Leave a message 03.02.2008
Hekkas got a new functionality - a guestbook! I would be glad for any message!

Saying of the day 12.12.2007
Why can women not become chimney sweepers?
Because women do not bring luck...

Hekkas gets a new look 26.11.2007
Right before christmas Hekkas.Com gets a new look. Rework covers, besides heavy technical redesign, content and structure. Hopefully the site is finished by the end of this year, shining in new light with up-to-date content organized in a convenient search and browse structure.

What is this all about ... 18.04.2005
Sometimes all it needs is someone who takes care of ... and so I did! This site covers my personal interests, scientific research work and fun stuff. Take a look at the subsites to learn more about this place.

Hekkas WakeUp Call 23.09.2002
This website is emerging quickly. Soon it will reign the internet, so be prepared - at least with a bookmark! All kinds of critics, suggestions and comments are welcome!